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Victim of Hakbit Ransomware? Don’t Pay for it

Are your files infected by Hakbit Ransomware? Yes. But don’t worry. Emsisoft, a specialized cybersecurity company has released a decryptor for your assistance. As per...

Ransomware Hits Louisiana State Government Systems

The Louisiana state government fell victim to a ransomware attack again. John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, revealed that a ransomware infection had taken...

Researchers Uncover Mass Malware Attack

Security experts discovered a Mass Malware Distribution campaign that using popular political personalities in the U.S. including President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton with a...

Multiple Security Flaws Detected (and fixed) in Cisco Small Business Routers

  Potential vulnerabilities in Cisco’s small business routers could allow a remote attacker to exploit the devices to get sensitive data. Cisco, the networking hardware...

Two Ex-Employees of Twitter Caught Spying for Saudi Arabia

Two former employees of Twitter have been recently charged for spying on thousands of Twitter user accounts on behalf of the Saudi Arabian government. According...

Data Breach at California DMV Affects 3,200 Drivers’ Information

Information of thousands of drivers has been exposed in a data breach at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that went unnoticed for...

Researchers Found New Laser-Based “Light Commands” Attack

Security researchers from the University of Electro-Communications & Michigan discovered a new kind of injection attack that allows an attacker to infuse arbitrary audio...

Don’t Reboot Your Systems after Ransomware Attack: Experts

Security pros stated rebooting a computer after a ransomware attack could lead to restarting a crashed file-encryption process and cause potential loss of encryption...

51 Percent Organizations Not Ready to Handle a Cyber-Attack: FireEye

Cybersecurity research firm FireEye revealed that nearly 51 percent of organizations don’t believe that they’re capable of handling threats like cyberattacks or data breaches. In...

Researchers Discover the First “BlueKeep” Mass Hacking Campaign

BlueKeep, a critical remote code execution flaw, has been spotted by security researchers for the first time in the wild to launch a mass...