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Market Trends Report on Data Security – 2020

Data Security Report

Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in the cybersecurity quotient of its IT infrastructure to protect their critical assets. Arguably, with the unprecedented shift towards digitization and cloud technologies, data in any form is now considered “the new oil.” A 2019 Netflix documentary, “The Great Hack,” declares that personal data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. It warned viewers that companies and governments are hacking more than computers, “it’s our minds that they are into.” CISO MAG editors wanted to probe deeper and offer its readers perspectives on the state of Data Security.

Data needs to be protected at rest, in transit, and even while it is being processed in memory. Today, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations make data protection mandatory. Organizations have a responsibility to protect customer data, personally identifiable information, confidential data, intellectual property, and transactional data. Governments need to protect state secrets. Data sovereignty and data residency are on the compliance checklist.

CISO MAG 2020 Market Trends Report on Data Security - 2020

Governments, CISOs, and CDOs (Chief Data Officers) must take a holistic approach and ensure Data Security, Data Governance, and Data Integrity through compliance and policies. They must ensure that data access is strictly on a need-to-have basis. These are the tenets for customer trust, loyalty, and the reputation of an organization.

Data has become worthy, smart, and intelligent, however, with every set of pros come the cons. This CISO MAG Market Trends Report 2020, brings to the fore a viewpoint of the industry experts and their perspective from across the table.

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CISO MAG 2020 Market Trends Report on Data Security - 2020