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API Security Outlook – A Guide to API Security in a Digitally Transformed World

Date – 15th April
Time9:00 am to 10:00 am PDT

Key Topics of Discussion:

》Application architectures today are more cloud-native and based on microservices, thus API’s have become critical to securing your apps as their primary communication channels.

》Simultaneously, the increase in complexity has made it harder to know what’s going on inside of, around, and in between those apps meaning a broader attack surface but decreasing visibility.

》Developers and security professionals need unprecedented API visibility and protection intelligence to secure apps and their APIs against the increasingly sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities.

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CISO MAG is known for the exclusive cyber events it conducts across the globe to raise awareness on the expanding threat landscape in the InfoSec world and also to honor cyber security excellence, extraordinary efforts put in by the cyber professionals.

In the year 2020, while physical events are a BIG NO, where the world turned upside down due to the ongoing pandemic, CISO MAG brought networking opportunities to homes! CISO MAG helped many organizations  deliver their message to the world on the efforts the companies are putting in to stay efficient and spread awareness.

CISO MAG hosted exclusive webinars on several cyber security topics to boost productivity and raise awareness among the InfoSec community. Many reputed companies like Google, DarkTrace, CyberX, Trend Micro, Cyfirma, 1 Kosmos, Rapid 7 etc. partnered for these events.

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