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Market Trends Report: Cloud Forensics in Today’s World

The EC-Council Cyber Research report inferred that there are many challenges associated with multi-tenancy, unknown data location, and hybrid cloud deployment plague cloud forensics as a whole.

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Cloud computing is transforming digital and IT infrastructure at an astounding pace. The pandemic and changing business models have prompted many businesses to migrate their digital operations and storage to the cloud. Today, it is common practice for an organization to adopt a hybrid, multi-cloud approach.

From a security perspective, cloud technology poses many challenges for cybersecurity leaders. One such issue is cloud forensics; scaling the traditional digital forensics process in a multi-jurisdictional and distributed cloud environment has become a challenging task.

The complex nature of the cloud poses multiple challenges to traditional forensics. It has become imperative for security leaders to understand the state of the cloud from the perspective of existing challenges and trends to develop solutions for the further development of information security against current and future threats.

The cloud offers various architectures, service models, processes, and continuously changing paradigms. So, it is challenging for investigators to gain access to data and resources required for forensics – the “artifacts,” as they call it. That includes registry keys, files, timestamps, and event logs. This is digital evidence that can be used in a court of law for criminal litigation.

market tresnds report on cloud forensicsThis Market Research Report titled “Cloud Forensics in Today’s World” is based on a survey conducted by EC-Council’s Cyber Research team. It is backed by the insightful perspectives of industry experts towards various trends and challenges particularly, with digital forensics in a cloud environment.

Key Findings:

  • Both multi-tenancy-related privacy issues and distributed data location were considered equally challenging by one-fourth of the respondents.
  • More than half of the respondents believe the hybrid cloud deployment model presents the most challenges towards cloud forensics.
  • Nearly 40% of the respondents say that a lack of channels for international communication contributes significantly to the legal challenges faced by cloud forensics.
  • There is a growing demand that the SLA should mention when and what data to collect, its purpose and legal liabilities.
  • FaaS (Forensics as a Service) is the most anticipated trend towards improving the cloud forensics domain.
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