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Cardholder payment data

Samsung Card, Samsung Electronics and Mastercard Sign an MoU for Fingerprint Biometric Payment Card

Payment card frauds have been on a gradual rise since the opening of physical stores in many parts of the world. Cash-strapped economies and...
one million card data exposed

SmartMetric Biometric Payment Cards Now Have Over 9 years Battery Life

With security being top priority especially in the age where card skimming activities are alarmingly rising, SmartMetric Inc., a fingerprint-based biometric credit and debit...
WhatsApp Biometric Security

WhatsApp rolls out Biometric Security Lock for Android Devices

WhatsApp recently announced the launch of biometric authentication through fingerprint sensors on the Android platform, as an additional privacy measure. The Facebook-owned messaging app...
SIM Swapping

FBI Issues a Lookout for SIM Swapping Attacks

FBI stated that cybercriminals are leveraging SIM swapping attacks to steal millions from U.S. citizens. The agency recently disclosed the increase in SIM swapping...
Credential stuffing attacks

Attackers Steal 1.1 M User Accounts Through Credential Stuffing

User login credentials continue to become a primary target for cybercriminals, as they provide access to organizations’ critical infrastructures. Threat actors increasingly use various...
PSTI IoT Bill, Common IoT Attacks

How Blockchain And IoT Is Making Our Future Smarter?

Blockchain's most significant benefit is that no authority has control over it. The advent of IoT (Internet of Things) has sped up its decentralized...
MaliciousItaú Unibanco app,Web Application Security, web application attacks

New Malware Discovered With Brazil’s Itaú Unibanco Bank App

Leveraging counterfeit apps to trick users and deploy malware on the targeted devices is a common attack vector for malware authors. Security experts Cyble...
U.K. fines Clearview

U.K. Govt. Fines Clearview $22.6 Mn Over Privacy Violations

From bringing up PSIT Bill to strengthen the IoT devices security to collaborating with other countries to boost cybersecurity, the U.K. government is in...
Credential Abuse Attack, credential harvesting campaign

How to Prevent Credential Abuse Attacks?

Strong login credentials are treated as the first defense against unauthorized intrusions. However, they also become a gateway for cybercriminals to penetrate critical network...

‘SharkBot’ Android Trojan Found Targeting Banking Apps and Crypto Exchanges

A new botnet, dubbed “SharkBot,” is targeting Italy, the U.K., and the U.S., including banking applications and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Cleafy TIR team discovered the...