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U.S. and China

Do not enforce new cybersecurity law, US tell China

In an attempt to prevent any damage to global trade services, the U.S. has asked China not to implement its stringent cybersecurity law. China...

After FC Barcelona, Real Madrid falls prey to Twitter hack

Shortly after breaking in to the social media account of Futbol Club Barcelona, the Ourmine hacking group breached the Twitter account of the Real...

Thank you

Hi, Thank you for your interest. We are excited to connect with you too! We will reach out to you at an earliest. In the meanwhile,...

Snap acquires Strong.Codes

Sources report that the company behind Snapchat has acquired Strong.Codes, a Swiss company that specialized in creating barriers to the lifting of code from...

Advisory Board

EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD CISO MAG established an Editorial Advisory Board with the foremost innovators and thought leaders in the cybersecurity space. Board members offer the...
Patchwork BADNEWS, APT31 threat group

Cherry-picking, a new trend among hackers

This is the second time this year, where a security measure for safety has given an access card for cybercriminals. The first one was...
City of Liège, dutch-parliament, norwegian paliament cyberattack

SDutch Parliament attacked by ransomware

According to Dutch news agency ANP, the Dutch parliament's website was briefly hit by a so-called 'ransomware' attack. The form of attack in which hackers...