Home News Deloitte Acquires Zimbani to Boost its Cybersecurity Practice

Deloitte Acquires Zimbani to Boost its Cybersecurity Practice

Deloitte Acquires Zimbani to Boost its Cybersecurity Practice

Deloitte announced that it entered into a strategic agreement to acquire Australian security architecture specialist Zimbani. With the latest acquisition, Deloitte aims to build its professional security services in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions by combining Zimbani’s existing cybersecurity practice.

As per the acquisition deal, Zimbani’s Founding Partner and CEO Rene Morel will join Deloitte as a Partner, alongside Co-founder and Chief Security Architect Jason Paul.The company’s Chief Operating Officer Ben Smith will join Deloitte as a principal in the cyber practice.

Zimbani provides technical expertise to enterprises that function in threat & vulnerability management, cloud security, identity, access management, and data protection specializations. Industry experts opine that the acquisition of Zimbani will bolster Deloitte’s cybersecurity practice.

Commenting on the new acquisition, Deloitte’s CEO, Richard Deutsch, said, “Cybercrime is regularly listed as one of the major business risks globally, so it is critical that businesses are on the front foot, anticipating, monitoring and managing the threats and key risk events in real time. We are in an era of complexity where technology connects everything and cyber is everywhere. As technology continues to disrupt business models and processes; we see cyber readiness and resilience as a key enabler for our clients and are investing accordingly.”

Cyber partner and CEO of Zimbani, Rene Morel, said, “We help protect some of Australia’s most critical enterprises across the finance, energy, education, and airline sectors. Now we can do that at scale and more rapidly. Deloitte has a leading cyber practice, reflecting its commitment to continue investing in cyber expertise and technology. With the depth of our expertise, and the breadth of Deloitte’s geographic reach in Australia and beyond we will make a significant impact in keeping the region safe.”