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5G Adoption Comes with Its Own Share of Security Apprehensions: Research

While 5G technology is taking the world by storm with its incredible high speeds and low latency, several organizations have their own set of...

Deloitte Prescribes 5-Step Security Approach to Protect Enterprises and WFH Employees

With no end in sight to COVID-19, organizations have now accepted work from home (WFH) as the new normal. In fact, many Indian companies...

Deloitte Acquires Zimbani to Boost its Cybersecurity Practice

Deloitte announced that it entered into a strategic agreement to acquire Australian security architecture specialist Zimbani. With the latest acquisition, Deloitte aims to build...

Google Cloud Partners with Multiple Firms to Boost Cloud Security

Google recently announced multiple strategic partnerships and security partner integrations to further advance its cloud security capabilities for its cloud computing services platform, Google...

Deloitte hack: Iranian hackers lured firm’s employee via Facebook ‘honey trap’

It has been revealed that Iranian hackers were behind the major data breach at Deloitte, one of the ‘big four’ accountancy firms. They pulled...

Deloitte hacked! Attackers may have exposed sensitive information

One of the ‘big four’ accountancy firms, Deloitte, is the newest victim of a massive cyber attack. Confidential emails and “plans of some its...