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AjnaLens – Making Augmented Reality a Reality

AjnaLens, is an Indian startup making the augmented reality a real word possibility. And this is not in the future, it is here, in the present.


In the last three decades, we have seen how innovation in computer technology has transformed human life at a rate which no other invention has done before. This was possible because computers augmented human intelligence and enhanced their capabilities. Over the years, computers have transformed from huge machines–that consume the space of an entire room–to handheld tablets. The evolution is still underway, as we now move towards wearable devices that are just smaller versions of computers.

Wearables have become the talk of the town in recent years owing to their wide range of consumer-focused and industry-based offerings. These devices are broadly classified into four types:

  • Smart glasses and head gear
  • Smart watches
  • Wearable medical devices
  • Fitness trackers

Of these, the one that really interests and fascinates people the most is the head-mounted wearable display. These devices have the broadest scope of usage as they visually transmit data and information to the eyes via the headgear. Considering the tech industry’s inclination towards, and the demand for wearable gadgets and artificial intelligence (AI), a bunch of tech enthusiasts came together to co-found AjnaLens.

The company, registered under the name Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd., is co-founded by Pankaj Raut (CEO), Abhishek Tomar (CTO) and Abhijit Patil (COO). Before AjnaLens, all the co-founders worked in different fields. Raut, who comes from a business background, had developed a tech product in 3D scanning, Tomar headed the VFX team at Red Chillies Entertainment and Patil was working with Godrej on process planning and optimization for the manufacturing of Brahmos Missile. However, expertise from various domains is exactly what worked in their favor. They covered all bases required to form a startup – technology, business and operations.

Using the brand name, the company designed AjnaLens – a pair of AI-powered mixed reality (MR) glasses that augments human intelligence. In layman’s terms, this pair of glasses enables the user to use AI and helps in better, concise and real-time decision making in fields ranging from education to enterprise to defense.

The Struggle

The path to success like other tech startups was not flower-laden. Finding the right investors and visionaries who believed in their vision and the future of such a technology was an uphill task. They were in a literal sense talking sci-fi; talking to investors was like talking to people with a James Bond movie script in hand. The industry was unexplored, untouched, and unheard off. Raut, Tomar, and Patil needed brave and visionary people by their side. They were fortunate enough to have met people like Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO of Paytm, and Nailesh Khimji, Director and Board Member – Khimji Ramdas Group (Oman), among other angel investors. After acquiring the required seed funding, it was time to get to the drawing table and this is where the second part of the challenge began.

Network Security and Bandwidth

Uninterrupted streaming of Augmented Reality (AR) based on cloud-hosted content and services requires huge bandwidth and coverage in areas where these wearable AR glasses are deployed. Ensuring reliable Wi-Fi and other modes of network availability in remote locations, where even mobile/cellular network coverage is not present, was a daunting challenge.

Both devices and networks require the highest security standards in sensitive environments to ensure critical, personal and organizational information is not compromised. These devices carry massive amounts of user data ranging from user demographics to personally identifiable information (PII). The team at AjnaLens was very much aware of the cybersecurity aspect of their wearable glasses, especially being in the defense sector. Thus, they implemented multi-layered 256-bit encryption to secure the data and communication of these devices. An in-depth discussion with the team related to the core cybersecurity technology used in the wearable was not possible as they are still awaiting a few security certificates and clearances from the defense authorities. However, after two years of intensive R&D, the team was confident about the data safety of this device and finally launched AjnaLite and AjnaLite Plus at DIDAC in September 2019.

The Beginning of the Rise

The trio was very clear about their first target industry – the Education industry. They found a way to integrate AR/VR technology and AI in one headset, that would help education and training in remote areas. This was the beginning of the rise. The startup was immediately taken note of by the local and international media, and won many accolades including Technology Innovation Leadership Award in Augmented Reality Headset – Frost & Sullivan (2018), Awarded #1 Innovation across India by CII, AICTE & DST, Early Growth IOT Startup of the year – The AEONIAN 2018 and many more.

The Future of Warfare

Meanwhile, the team at AjnaLens saw a huge potential of their technology in the future of warfare. Thus, was born one of the world’s most advanced MR glasses for defense and law enforcement forces – AjnaBolt. This pair of MR glasses was launched at the recently held Defence Expo 2020, in the presence of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. AjnaLens also signed an MoU with the government to set up a manufacturing unit in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

What’s Next

AjnaLens is soon launching an enterprise version of its AR glasses, in 2020, called AjnaOne. To support the manufacturing of the enterprise version and further enhance their AR/VR capabilities, AjnaLens raised a Pre-Series A funding of US$1.5 million which was led by Maharashtra Defence and Aerospace Venture Fund.

With nearly 15+ Patents in AR/MR and allied fields under their name, and after receiving the backing from the Government of India-led institutions like DRDO, Army, Navy and Air Force the co-founders humbly said, “The journey is still challenging. But people are slowly realizing the possibilities and opportunities. They are now coming forward to join hands for a larger vision.”

Company Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd. (Brand Name – AjnaLens)
CEO Pankaj Raut, Co-founder and CEO
Website https://www.ajnalens.com
Consulting Partner Optiv
Tech Partners CISCO, AWS, RSA
Social Media Handles
Location(s) Mumbai and Bangalore (India)
Employees 20
Total Funding US$ 2.2 Million (till Feb 2020)
  • Seed Round/Angel Round
    • Total investment: US$411,000
    • List of investors
      • Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO – Paytm
      • Japan Vyas, Founder – Root Ventures
      • Nailesh Khimji, Director and Board Member – Khimji Ramdas Group (Oman)
      • Chetan Kajaria, Joint MD – Kajaria Ceramics
      • Manish Bhatia, Chairman – Bhatia Brothers
      • Jay Jesrani, Mountain Lion Partners
      • Multiple other Angels
    • Grant
      • Total amount – US$215,000
      • Received grant of ₹ 1.5 Crore (approx. US$215,000) from the Ministry of Defence under iDEX initiative to develop and give military tanks as see through capability in 360 degrees (X-Ray Vision).


  • Pre-Series A
    • Total investment in US$ 1.5 Million
    • List of investors
      • Nailesh Khimji, Director and Board Member – Khimji Ramdas Group (Oman)
      • Mohsin Hani Al Bahrani, Director – Mohsin Haider Darwish Group
      • Michael Marks, Founder – Innoventure Partner
      • Multiple other HNI
    • Lead investor – Maharashtra Defence and Aerospace Venture Fund
Industry-wise Services
  • Aerospace, Defense & Law enforcement
  • Education
  • Enterprise (Launching in 2020)
    • Architecture, Construction and Interior designing
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automobile
    • Retail
    • Logistics
    • Media & Entertainment


  • AjnaBolt for Defence: AjnaBolt is a pair of mixed reality glasses that enhances situational awareness, decreases response time, and helps the defense and law enforcement personnel make better tactical decisions instantly. It receives, compiles, and processes the raw data from various sources using AI and shows critical information in the most intuitive way possible.
  • AjnaLite for Education: AjnaLite is an affordable standalone AR/VR headset that enables the students to enhance their imagination and ignite their curiosity as well as increase focus and memory retention. It helps the educators take their teaching experience to the next level by getting immersed in the students’ learning process and guide them better using performance insights.
  • AjnaOne for Enterprise: Launching soon.

Company Timeline


  • Founded in Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Founders met at Google startup weekend held at IIT Bombay. Synergies between founders met and decided to start working together on technologies that could have a positive impact on human lives.
  • Officially registered on November 14, 2014

 2015 – 2017 

  • Raised first funding: Angel Round
  • Team Size of 5
  • Incubated at Zone Startup India.
  • Build an in-house R&D Optics Lab
  • Dedicated the 2 years for R&D in Optics, 3D World sensors and tech.
  • Got the first fully functional prototype ready.
  • Started generating revenue using allied skills in 3D Printing.
  • Applied for 6 patents in India.
  • Landing 20+ Letters of Interest.


  • Team size expanded to 10
  • Created breakthrough in Multiple Optics for Augmented Reality
  • Applied for 6 patents.
  • Started multiple Industry paid pilots.


  • Team exceeds 15 members
  • Launched AjnaLite and AjnaLite Plus at DIDAC in September 2019 for pre-orders
  • Signed 30+ LOI/MoU with private schools and colleges to setup AR/VR Lab
  • First batch manufacturing of AjnaLite and AjnaLite Plus started
  • Received grant of ₹ 1.5 Crore (Approx. US$215,000) from the Ministry of Defence (India) under iDEX initiative to give military tanks a see-through capability in 360 degrees (X-Ray Vision)
  • Accelerated at Forge accelerator
  • Key Customers: DRDO, PM Experts, Army, etc


  • February, launched AjnaBolt at the Defence Expo 2020
  • Completed fundraise of US$1.5 million lead by Maharashtra Defence and Aerospace Venture Fund
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