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Harness Your System, No More a ‘Whack-a–Mole’

Every day there are multiple reports from government, state municipalities, and corporates about their being hacked, held for ransomware or becoming victims of denial...

FireEye Mandiant to Provide Cyber Defense to Alpine F1 Team

If the pandemic had played a spoilt sport for ardent Grand Prix fans and deprived them of the adrenaline rush, “The Hungarian Grand Prix...

“We’ll see more attacks that target cloud misconfiguration issues”

Ravi Ivaturi is Sr. Vice President – Digital Security Architecture at Citi. He is a cybersecurity leader with deep expertise in building cybersecurity programs...

Unisys Supports Cyber4Healthcare Program to Make Cyberspace More Secure

Information technology company Unisys Corp. will be supporting CyberPeace Institute's Cyber4Healthcare initiative to ensure hospitals and health care organizations are protected against the increasing...

NATO – EU Top Brass Meets, Reviews Joint Cyber Defense Strategies

The top brass from NATO and the European Union met in Brussels at the NATO-EU Alliance headquarters to review and discuss its joint cyber...

Japan Joins NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, recently announced the decision of Japan joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) accredited cyber defense hub...