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Cyberthreats: The Stealthily Spreading Cancer in the Health Care Sector

Public health plays a major role in determining the quality of life. As seen during the pandemic, public health and the health care sector...

Hackers Taste the Bitterness of Their Medicine; Darknet Marketplace Swarmshop Hacked

“Karma” is defined as “What goes around, comes around.” When Karma is at play, there is no need for revenge. Just sit back and...

Telegram Bots and Google Forms: The New Phishing Tools of Cybercriminals

In January 2021, the phone numbers of Facebook’s 533 million users went on sale on the online messaging platform, Telegram. Cybercriminals are known to...

“Threat intelligence teams are struggling to integrate external data with internal...

To drive an effective security program, businesses need to have visibility into the organization’s threat landscape. But to do this, they need to consume...

CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR Platform Can Predict Hacker Motives Before an Attack!

Have you seen the Tom Cruise flick Minority Report? One of its themes is precrime or the ability to predict a crime before it...

Australia Fortifies Cyber Defense by Investing in AUSHIELD

Few weeks back, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison briefed the nation about sustained cyberattacks carried out by a sophisticated state-sponsored actor. To fortify...



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