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Cyberthreats: The Stealthily Spreading Cancer in the Health Care Sector

To get a deeper know-how of the latest cyberthreats in the health care sector, and be better equipped to protect your people, data, and assets, download this whitepaper now.

cyberthreats in health care

Public health plays a major role in determining the quality of life. As seen during the pandemic, public health and the health care sector are intrinsically linked. However, the health care industry is plagued with chronic cyberthreats. From clinicians to pharmaceutical companies, the entire ecosystem and value chain has moved to a highly inter-connected model.


Before “Industry 4.0,” which revolutionized digital transformation, health care followed a straightforward path – from provider to patient. But with digitization taking center stage, everything from monitoring, detecting, controlling, and responding, is done by interconnected or IoT-based devices. While the health care sector across the board embraces the shift into the modern digital era, cyberthreats have equally continued to grow stealthily in both sophistication and volume. Thus, governing cybersecurity and privacy measures is now a chief priority for health care C-suite leaders and their organizations.

The other arm of health care is the pharmaceutical sector. And with countries like India, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, China, and Russia running the rat race in pursuit of manufacturing and exporting these vaccines, heightened activities among state-sponsored cybercriminals have also been observed recently.

cyberthreats in health care industry

Want to know more about the cyberthreats lurking in the darker depths of the health care industry? 

Cyberthreats to the health care and pharmaceutical organizations are real, and regulations are only a single step towards addressing the bigger issue at hand. Cybersecurity efforts must be a business initiative with equal weightage on people, processes, and technology to combat the threats at bay.

Today, at a time when the entire world’s health care system is reeling through the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, what if WannaCry hits back? The entire health care infrastructure will simply collapse. Thus, there is a dire need of knowing these risks and countering them beforehand. But how?

To get a deeper understanding of the latest health care-related cyberthreats, and be better equipped to protect their people, data, and assets, CISO MAG editors worked closely with CYFIRMA’s cyber threat intelligence (CTI) team, who burrowed through the trenches of the threat landscape to provide critical and resourceful information that can help today’s decision-makers in making well-informed decisions.

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