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SonicWall Hacked Through Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in its VPN Product

Cybersecurity firm SonicWall, popularly known to provide security products like firewall and VPN access tools, in the wee hours of Friday night disclosed that...

WhatsApp Discloses Six Bugs in its First Security Advisory

Facebook-owned messaging service provider WhatsApp, in the past week, started a Security Advisories page. On this page, WhatsApp is disclosing all the bugs and...

Attention Bug Hunters! FireEye’s Private Bug Bounty Program Goes Public

Cybersecurity company FireEye, announced that it is making its private bug bounty program public, with a focus on business applications and corporate infrastructure security....

70% Of Mobile and Desktop Apps Contain Open-Source Security Flaws: Report

According to Veracode’s annual report, 70% of mobile and desktop applications that are being used today have at least one security flaw which stems...

Hacker Offers US$ 100K in BTC to Hack Corporate Companies

Phineas Fisher, a popular vigilante hacker recently announced a new kind of bug bounty program “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program” to reward hackers who do...