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CEO, cybersecurity, CISO, Future of the CISO

4 Critical Responsibilities of a CISO Post COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus disease, organizations across the globe encountered dramatic changes in their business operations.  The swift adaption of the...
Cybercrimes in COVID-19 Pandemic

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Reinforced Hackers’ Revenue Models

The industrious and criminal-minded threat actors behind the majority of cyberattacks have reinvented their attack approaches during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since the advent...
User Verification Policy, zero trust approach

6 Practices to Strengthen Your Password Hygiene in 2020

By Rudra Srinivas The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom recently issued a warning to its citizens to have stronger and unique...

Rewind: Biggest Cyber Incidents We Saw in 2019

By Rudra Srinivas  If there is a thing or two that we can learn from the year that went by, it is the fact that...
Liquid Exchange Hack

6 Times Digital Currency Made Headlines in 2019

By Rudra Srinivas Since the inception of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in 2009, there is a significant evolution of blockchain technology and a variety of challenges as...
email security

5 Best Practices to Strengthen Email Security in your Organization

By Rudra Srinivas Most companies rely on e-mail correspondence as a primary means of communication even when it comes to sharing classified information like customer...

“Access to personal data by the state poses an enormous threat to privacy”

Archie Jackson, the AVP - Technology/Information Security of Genpact, is a senior technology professional with more than 17 years of insightful experience in IT...
Abhinav Biswas

“No silver bullet to effectively mitigate emergent IoT threats”

Abhinav Biswas, the Alt. CISO for Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, has a wide range of agile...
Nik Whitfield

“Big data analytics as a cyber discipline is in its infancy”

Nik Whitfield is the founder and CEO at Panaseer, the creator of a platform that automates the breadth and depth of visibility required to...
Insider threat

Six massive insider breaches in the last five years

By Rudra Srinivas Insider threat is a primary concern for every information security leader. Several organizations are seen spending massive resources to keep the bad...