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global data security initiative

Keep records of people posting online comments, Chinese govt. tells companies

In a major blow against privacy and continuing the crackdown against free speech on the internet, the Chinese government has instructed companies to keep...

Chinese Internet giants face investigation over cybersecurity violation

Three major Chinese companies Tencent, Baidu, and Weibo are under investigation by the Chinese internet regulating authorities on the grounds of violating the new...
Cybercriminal Group Names

Smart or Stupid? Cybercriminal Group Names Decoded!

It’s known that cybercriminals always try to advance their hacking skills and change attack strategies to evade security deductions. Apart from hiding their identity,...

Cryptojacking Attacks Rise As Hackers Try to Exploit Linux-based Machines

Researchers at Bitdefender Security recently discovered a Romanian-based threat intelligence group hacking Linux machines and targeting systems with weak Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) credentials. The...
Chinese actors target telecom

China-based Tropic Trooper Actors Target Transportation and Government Sectors

Security experts identified a new cyber espionage from the Chinese state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group “Tropic Trooper”  targeting transportation, health care, and government...
Android Trojan, Trojan, ReverseRat, Numando Banking Trojan

New Trojan ‘‘Android.Cynos.7.origin’’ Infects 9Mn Android Devices

Security researchers from Doctor Web have discovered a new Trojan that has infected over 9.3 million Android devices. The Trojan, dubbed "Android.Cynos.7.origin," is a new...
Acronis Cyber Readiness Report, cyberattacks in India, cybercrime in India, India’s Private Sector

Cybersecurity is a Low Priority for India’s Private Sector

In the movie Die Hard 4.0, John McClane and a young hacker team up to thwart the plans of cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel in Washington...
U.S. and China

U.S. Bans China Telecom Americas Citing National Security Issues

China-based services and products continue to concern the world over security issues. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently revoked China Telecom Americas’,...
Threat predictions 2022

McAfee and FireEye Release 2022 Threat Predictions for Enterprises

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye have released their 2022 Threat Predictions, analyzing the threat vectors that continue to impact enterprises and will wreak even deeper...
Fortinet VPN, VPN, VPN devices

CISA and NSA Jointly Release VPN Cybersecurity Information Sheet

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) strengthens data privacy and security by providing a secure connection for users when joining another network online. Despite the...