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15 Top Cybersecurity Searches on Google Last Year

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By SecureWorld

When Google revealed its top searches of 2018 list, it was mainly focused on pop culture.

And while that’s cool, the team really wanted to know about the hottest cybersecurity search topics of the year, so we went digging into what people in the U.S. were searching for regarding InfoSec.

Here are the rising cybersecurity superstars, in Google search, for the year:

  1. DHS cybersecurity strategy (off the charts increase, called a “breakout”)
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker, +250%
  3. cybersecurity conferences 2018, +250%
  4. cybersecurity risk assessment, +190%
  5. cyberinsurance, +180%
  6. computer security incident management, +150%
  7. cybersecurity infrastructure security agency, +150%
  8. SEC guidance on cybersecurity, +150%
  9. cybersecurity certificate programs, +130%
  10. blockchain cybersecurity, +120%
  11. NYDFS cybersecurity, +90%
  12. cybersecurity major, +80%
  13. women in cybersecurity, +80%
  14. cybersecurity threats, +60%
  15. cybersecurity certification, +50%

It’s particularly good to see an uptick in searches around cybersecurity majors and certification programs, given the talent shortage in the industry.

And it is also great to see the searches on women in cybersecurity rising, as well. It is evidence that the lack of women in information security is getting more attention than ever before.

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