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CISA and NSA Jointly Release VPN Cybersecurity Information Sheet

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) strengthens data privacy and security by providing a secure connection for users when joining another network online. Despite the...

How COVID-19 Affected the Application Security Space

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all businesses were shaken awake by the rapid transmission of this virus. The disruption it unleashed on the global...

Don’t use these Android VPNs. They Leak Your Credentials!

VPN applications that are meant to secure users’ privacy online are now found to be exposing their sensitive information to third parties. Security experts...

“Unified solutions could hold the key in enforcing endpoint security policies”

The exponential increase in endpoints in the last nine months has hugely contributed to a dramatic rise in network and endpoint perimeter breaches. However,...

Incorporating Cybersecurity in the Work from Home Business Model

The world is rapidly changing, and the evolution of technologies opens new ways to do business, where physical presence may not be a mandatory...