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Over Half of Medical IoT Devices Found Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

After a year of unprecedented cyberattacks on several hospitals and medical centers across the globe, the health care sector has become a primary target...

150,000 Security Cams Hacked; Tesla, Cloudflare, Equinox on the Victims’ List

Verkada, a video surveillance and AI security-based company, was reportedly breached on March 7 by a Swiss hacker named Tillie Kottmann (also known as...

Only 44% of Health Care Providers Meet National Standards on Cybersecurity

A research from information security provider CynergisTek revealed that only 44% of hospitals and health care providers are following the security protocols outlined by...

CynergisTek Partners with Awake Security to Boost Cybersecurity in Health Care

Information security provider CynergisTek and network detection and response company Awake Security joined hands to help protect health care providers from cyberthreats. The California-based...

National Healthcare Group Fined SG$6,000 for Data Breach

The National Healthcare Group (NHG), a group of public hospitals and polyclinics, was fined SG$6,000 (approximately US$4,452) for exposing sensitive data of 129 general...