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Find the Fake! FBI Warns About Spoofed Website Domain Names

The FBI is warning users to be vigilant about fraudulent websites impersonating FBI-related domain names. In a security release, the FBI stated that it...

Real or Imposter? Everything You Need to Know About “Homoglyph” Phishing

Security experts from Malwarebytes discovered cybercriminals using a combination fake domains with favicons to launch “Homoglyph Attacks.” The attackers used Homoglyph attack — also...

PII of Thousands of Users Exposed in Multi-Stage Bitcoin Scam

Threat intelligence firm Group-IB discovered personal records of thousands of users from the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and other...

Facebook Charges Namecheap for Domain Name Fraud

Facebook announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Namecheap in Arizona, a provider of domain name registrars online, for refusing to cooperate in...

Microsoft Takes Control of 50 Domains Operated by North Korean Hackers

Microsoft announced that it has taken control of 50 domains operated by North Korean hacking group called “Thallium”. The tech giant stated that attackers...