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Why Apple Removed Millions of Apps from App Store?

Identifying and preventing fraudulent apps have become a rising challenge for companies globally. Recently Apple disclosed that, in 2020, it prevented nearly 1 million...

Fleeceware Apps Continue to Deceit Consumers; Scammers Earn S400 Mn

Cybersecurity experts discovered hundreds of fleeceware mobile applications on the Apple Store and Google Play Store tricking thousands of unwitting users into paying unnecessary...

Why Apple Dropped macOS Big Sur Feature ‘ContentFilterExclusionList’

Apple has dropped a controversial feature from its macOS Big Sur 11.2 beta 2 that allowed 53 of its applications to evade security scans,...

Notarization Fail! Apple Inadvertently Approves Malware on Macs

Apple is known for its tight security measures to prevent malicious software from landing in its app store. However, security researchers found that Apple's...

Aptoide Android App Admits Data Breach; Suspends Sign-Up Option Temporarily

Aptoide, a third-party app store for Android applications, recently admitted that one of its databases may have been a victim of a cyberattack and...

Malicious Fleeceware Apps Affect 3.5 Mn iPhone Users

The researchers from SophosLabs revealed that fleeceware app developers are operating on Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads. They claimed that more than...