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C-SCRM Program

Episode #18: Building a C-SCRM Program

This year organizations and their customers were impacted by supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds and Kaseya. Then we heard about Lazarus, a notorious...
Eric Brinkman, Chief Product Officer at Cobalt

“PtaaS Offers a Faster and More Thorough Process of Vulnerability Discovery”

Not too long ago, in August 2021, Conti operators successfully targeted SAC Wireless, a U.S.-based Nokia Subsidiary, with a ransomware attack. After an internal...
return to office, business, hybrid work

Hybrid Work Model and a Digital-first Economy Raise the Stakes on Cybersecurity

Disruption in the way we work has exploded in intensity and breadth since the onset of 2020.  As India starts to see some semblance...
Ransomware, supply chain and ransomware

Beyond Supply Chain Attacks and Ransomware

This past year has been one of victory - for cybercriminals. The first nine months of 2021 saw 40% more cyberattacks than the same...
AI and ML

“AI and ML Will Be Enablers for Cybersecurity for the Foreseeable Future”

In the first half of 2021, cyber adversaries pried on opportunities to attack enterprise infrastructure and critical industries. Even the slightest security mismanagement motivated...
HTML Smuggling

HTML Smuggling – A Novel Malware Deploying Technique

Like creating various malware variants, cybercriminals often find new techniques to deploy malware and evade security scans. As per a report from Microsoft 365...
supply chain attacks

3 Steps Businesses Can Take to Protect Themselves From Software Supply Chain Attacks

In August, the White House hosted a meeting with some of the most powerful CEOs in the world; from Apple to JPMorgan. The topic...
Threat predictions 2022, Forrester 2022 predictions for Cybersecurity, Risk, and Privacy

Forrester Report Predicts 1 in 10 Experienced Security Professionals Will Exit Industry in 2022

Forrester has released its Predictions 2022: Cybersecurity, Risk, and Privacy report revealing an important aspect of security professionals quitting their jobs. The report claims...
Cryptocurrency Lazarus, North Korean TA406, Lazarus Group , Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

North Korea’s Lazarus Group Targets IT Supply Chains with MATA Malware

Lazarus, a notorious advanced persistent threat (APT) group that needs no introduction in the cyberthreat landscape, strikes again with improved malware variants. The North...

Microsoft Finds New Activity from Russian Hacker Group Nobelium

Microsoft has identified the latest activity from Nobelium, the Russian nation-state actor behind the SolarWinds attack in 2020. Nobelium is trying to replicate the...