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SolarWinds Microsoft

SolarWinds Hackers Accessed Source Code: Microsoft

Microsoft has issued an update about its ongoing internal investigation of the SolarWinds hack that had reportedly compromised a few of its internal systems....
cyber insurance, Axio for SolarWinds Impact

Axio Offers a Limited Time Free Coverage Analysis for SolarWinds Impacts

Axio, a cyber risk management service provider, in the wake of the SolarWinds event, has come up with a limited time offer to perform...
Microsoft Affected in SolarWinds Hack

SolarWinds Hack Affected Yet Another Tech Giant – Microsoft

The SolarWinds Orion IT management software hack is now acting like a tornado, sucking up everything and growing larger with every passing moment. SolarWinds,...
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Microsoft and FireEye Create a “Killswitch” for Sunburst Malware Affecting SolarWinds’ Orion

The recently reported supply chain attack on the SolarWinds Orion platform has grabbed the attention of many eyeballs because the Orion IT management platform...
SolarWinds Orion, SolarWinds Orion Hack, SolarWinds, SolarWinds tools, SolarWinds management tools

U.S. Government Takes the Wind Out of SolarWinds’ Sails…for the Time Being!

Earlier in the week, the White House had acknowledged that a Russian state-sponsored group known as the Cozy Bear or APT 29 carried out...
Proactive Cybersecurity Paradigm, cyberwar, IoT, 5G, Boardroom, Identity Detection and Response, Predictions, supply chains, hybrid workforce

Cybercriminals Will leverage IoT and 5G for Large-Scale Attacks

In 2022, Cybercriminals will leverage the combination of IoT and 5G to conduct large-scale attacks, and attributing these attacks may become much more challenging....
Proactive Cybersecurity Paradigm, cyberwar, IoT, 5G, Boardroom, Identity Detection and Response, Predictions, supply chains, hybrid workforce

Adopt Modern Tools and Technologies to Protect Supply Chains and the Hybrid Workforce

In security, you always need to be thinking ahead about what might come down the pipeline. As we wrapped up the year 2021, I...

Log4j Explained: How It Is Exploited and How to Fix It

Log4j or Log4Shell, a critical vulnerability in the widely used Apache Log4j Library, has raised alarms and security concerns across the tech and info...
supply chain attacks

Organizations Losing Trust in Security Vendors Amid Rising Cyberattacks

Organizations that use services of mainstream software providers continue to face trust issues amid the increase in supply chain and ransomware attacks, a recent...

Nobelium’s Phishing Campaign Targets French Entities

In a report, the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) revealed that it has observed several phishing campaigns directed against French entities since February 2021....