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1 in 3 Employees Don’t Use VPN to Connect to Company Network While Working...

CISO MAG Survey: With increased digitalization and cloud migration, the corporate network now extends further out into the Internet — beyond the boundaries and...
network and ransomware attacks in Singapore, Singapore Ranks Most Prepared in Cybersecurity Readiness: Deloitte

Singapore Ranks Most Prepared in Cybersecurity Readiness: Deloitte

Singapore is well recognized for its technological advancements, especially the way it protects its people and organizations from rising cyberthreats. The government adopted necessary...
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Another Blow to Zoom! Taiwan Government Bans Official Use of Zoom Services

The government of Taiwan announced a ban on the official use of video-conferencing platform Zoom. In an official statement, the Executive Yuan stated that...
Statue of Unity, India

Fraudster Puts Statue of Unity on Sale to Raise Pandemic Relief Fund

A fraudster in India tried to pull off a Houdini stunt as he put the world’s tallest statue—The Statue of Unity, located in Kevadia...
BlackMatter Group, Volvo Cars ransomware attack

80% Security Practitioners Perceive Cyberattack Prevention as Most Difficult: Survey

A latest survey “The Economic Value of Prevention in the Cybersecurity Lifecycle” from the Ponemon Institute revealed that the economic value of cyberattack prevention...
Panasonic network breach

General Electric Data Leak Exposes Personal Data of Thousands of Employees

Technology service provider General Electric (GE) is a recent victim of a data breach that exposed personal data of thousands of its former and...
75% Of Security Pros Say Remote Work Led to Changes in Financial Services Cyber Programs: Survey

Remote Workforce: Five Best Practices for Organisations to Ensure Cybersecurity

In the last couple of weeks, the world has changed in unprecedented ways. Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, companies across the country have resorted...
cyberthreats, bug

New Zoom Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Windows Credentials

Security researchers claimed that online video meeting platform Zoom is vulnerable to remote attacks. According to cybersecurity expert Mitch@_g0dmode, Zoom’s video conferencing software for...
Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022,Cybersecurity, CEO, CISO

45% of Indians Don’t Backup Their Information: Avast Survey

According to a new survey from Avast, a provider of digital security products, 45% of Indians don’t backup their data, as they don’t think...
Japan restricts foreign equipment and tech, Japan Embraces AI Tools to Fight Cyberattacks with US$237 mn Investment

Japanese Consumers in Panic Buying Mode for Face Masks; Become Victims of Phishing

The Japan Times reported that the Japan Cybercrime Control Center has raised the alerts for cybercrimes in Japan, triggered by hackers taking advantage over...