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Cybersecurity Exposure Index 2020 Reveals Most Vulnerable Countries

Over 126 Mn People are Victims of Cybercrime Across U.S. and U.K.

A new survey by password security resource PasswordManagers.co revealed the countries that are most and least exposed to cyberattacks. The survey “Cybersecurity Exposure Index (CEI) 2020” analyzed and ranked 108 countries based on their exposure to Trojans, malware, and phishing attacks. It also revealed the level of cybersecurity commitment across Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

According to the report, Finland is the least exposed country to cybercrimes, followed by Denmark, Luxembourg, Australia, and Estonia. Afghanistan topped the list as the most exposed country to cyberattacks, followed by Myanmar, Ethiopia, Palestine, and Venezuela.

The survey measured the cybersecurity exposure score of each country from 0-1 (low-high exposure). It is found that Europe has the lowest exposure score (0.329), followed by North America (0.462). Nearly, 70.73% of European countries are classified in the low and very low exposure groups.

Imagesource: PasswordManagers.co

Africa has the highest exposure score (0.643), with 75% of African countries classified in the high and very high exposure groups. Asia-Pacific accounts for 60% of very high exposure countries globally. Around, 66.67% of North American countries are listed in the moderate, low, and very low exposure groups. 40% of South American countries are classified in the high and very high exposure groups, with the highest proportion of countries classified in the moderate exposure group (50%).

Imagesource: PasswordManagers.co

Commenting on the report, Josh Frisby, Founder of PasswordManagers.co said, “As each country begins to adapt to a new, unprecedented, post-COVID 19 world, cybersecurity becomes increasingly imperative to secure digital infrastructures. We’ve compiled data of five of the most significant types of end-point and cloud cyberattacks alongside the level of commitment to cybersecurity across 108 countries.”

“Cybersecurity is imperative to secure digital infrastructures, devices, and identities, and while some countries may be more exposed than others, the commitment to protect against cybercrime should dominate the priorities of every organization and individual. Depending on where you reside, you may be more or less exposed to cybercrime but, by taking the appropriate steps, such as using a password manager to securely store your credentials, browsing the web via a VPN when using unsecured public Wi-Fi, and employing security software, you substantially increase your protection against cyberattacks,” Frisby added.