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Streamline Your Compliance Needs with ByteChek

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Cybersecurity assessment is the need of the hour for all organizations as security breaches become daily news for organizations around the globe. But these assessments and audits are not a walk in the park. It can be very overwhelming, and many of the processes can be too laborious and time-consuming at times.


To resolve this issue and to speed up the process of proving compliance, ByteChek, a SaaS–based company, has been newly established to automate IT audits and streamline cybersecurity reporting. AJ Yawn, a former Captain in the U.S. Army and cloud security industry expert, along with Jeff Cook, a CPA with over 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing, describes the founding ideology behind ByteChek as: “Make Compliance Suck Less.”

What ByteChek’s Platform Offers

ByteChek’s platform is well suited for companies of all sizes. It provides security programs, automates cybersecurity readiness assessments, and completes SOC 2 audits faster – all from a single platform.

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The platform allows companies to quickly build their information security policy, ground up, utilizing the ByteChek information security policy generator. The ByteChek platform then connects with the applications companies use every day to eliminate evidence collection and vague auditor requests.

AJ Yawn - ByteChek

“We make it easier for companies of all sizes to achieve their cybersecurity compliance goals. With so many frameworks out there, compliance can be confusing, time-consuming, and too much paper pushing. By focusing on security instead of compliance frameworks, we eliminate the confusion, make compliance faster and ultimately more valuable to security practitioners and executives”

– AJ Yawn, Co-Founder, and CEO, ByteChek

Regulatory standards have become more complex, and thus maintaining compliance to pass audits has become more tedious. However, this platform helps automate the processes involved with maintaining compliance, saving companies some valuable time and money.

The ByteChek platform is powered by its proprietary “ByteChek Engine” that automatically assesses controls according to AICPA and audit standards. Additionally, ByteChek provides cybersecurity advisory and SOC 2 assessment services, which are based on the audit and cybersecurity experience of the ByteChek’s leadership team.

Jeff Cook - ByteChek

“Automation and AI is a big part of being future-ready in our industry. Thus, we designed our platform with an anticipatory mindset to make IT audits and reporting easier.”

– Jeff Cook, Co-Founder, and CFO, ByteChek