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Australian teen hacks Apple thinking it would land him a job

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How far would you go to land a dream job? In the teens, people tend to be too impulsive and naïve to see the bigger picture and that’s what went wrong with a teen in Australia who tried to hack Apple thinking the deed with land him a job at the global technology conglomerate.

In all fairness to the 17-year-old teen from Adelaide, he was under the impression that Apple would do the same to him what Apple did to the European hacker who had broken into its system and offered him a job. As per details, the boy along with a friend confessed that they broke into the mainframe of Apple in December 2015 and again in 2017 by creating false credentials. The servers in Apple gave him access thinking it was an employee.

The incident was found by the Federal Bureau of Investigation which contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and reported him. According to his lawyer, Mark Twiggs, the boy wasn’t aware of the seriousness of his actions and really thought the company would have given him a job. “This started when my client was 13 years of age, a very young age. He had no idea about the seriousness of the offence and hoped that when it was discovered he might gain employment at this company,” he said. Fortunately, Apple did not incur any financial loss in the incident.

The Magistrate David White did not convict the youngster, instead, handed him a $500 (around $346 US) 9-month good behavior bond. He also told the teen to use his gifts for good. “He is clearly someone who is a gifted individual when it comes to information technology, that being said, those who have this advantage of being gifted doesn’t give them the right to abuse that gift,” he said. “The manner in which the world functions is one that is heavily reliant on computer technology and those who unlawfully interfere with those systems can do enormous amounts of damage.”