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T-Mobile Reports Data Breach for the Third Time in 2021

It looks like T-Mobile is cursed to encounter frequent security incidents, affecting its customers’ sensitive information. After reporting a security intrusion in August 2021, the...

T-Mobile Suffers Data Breach…Again!

Mobile telecommunication company T-Mobile has revealed a security incident that compromised its customers’ sensitive data, including personal identification numbers (PINs). In a data breach...

T-Mobile Reveals Security Breach, Customers’ Data Exposed

Mobile telecommunication company T-Mobile US, Inc. has revealed a security incident that compromised some of its customers’ personal information. In an official announcement, the...

U.S. Telcos Vulnerable to SIM Swapping Attacks: Princeton Research

A study from Princeton University revealed that five major telecommunication providers in the U.S. are vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks. According to the researchers at...

Contractor Leaks Personal Data of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Subscribers

An error from a third-party contractor has led to a massive data breach where personal information of hundreds of thousands of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile subscribers...

T-Mobile Data Breach: Are You Affected?

The U.S. unit of T-Mobile reported of a data breach that affected only its prepaid customers. As per their statement, none of the customers...