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“Cloud-based backup is revolutionizing data protection”

In the current scheme of things, saying, “ransomware attacks are on the rise” is an understatement. Ransomware attacks exploded eight months ago, targeting U.S....

Rags to Riches! The Evolution of Ransomware Operators

Detecting and preventing ransomware attacks have become the primary goal for most organizations. The cybersecurity community across the globe is severely concerned about the...

Ransomware Operators are Introducing More RaaS Schemes: McAfee Report

The year 2021 is the genesis of many changes in the regular business model. From the new normal of remote working to new attack...

New Bill Mandates Australian Organizations to Notify Before Paying Ransom

Ransomware attacks are not a common security incident anymore. Several countries are severely concerned about the rising sophistication of ransomware attacks. Some governments even...

One Attack, Two Disclosures! The Story of Azusa Ransomware Attack

Unreported cyberattacks usually return with greater risks. Most organizations avoid reporting cyberattacks citing various reasons but eventually encounter severe backlash if not disclosed. Recently,...

Audio Equipment Manufacturer Bose Confirms Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Organizations globally encountered a series of high-profile ransomware attacks this year.  From the U.S. fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline, laptop maker Acer to affecting Irish health services,...

Suffered Attack, Paid Ransom, Restored Systems: The CNA’s Ransomware Timeline

Businesses have been harrowed with the ever-rising question, “To pay or not to pay ransom?” The FBI had urged companies to avoid ransom payments...

Irish Health Services Shut Down After Being Hit by Ransomware Attack

Ireland's health care services were temporarily disrupted after being hit by a ransomware attack. The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) claimed that the attack...

Ransomware Attack Forces Temporary Shutdown of Top U.S. Fuel Pipeline Operator

Colonial Pipeline, a top U.S. fuel pipeline operator, shut down its operations temporarily after being hit by a ransomware attack. The company stated the...

Project Signal: An Iranian State-Sponsored Ransomware Operation Emerges

State-sponsored actors from Iran have often been linked to various cyberespionage campaigns targeting organizations globally. In a recent development, security experts from Flashpoint recently...