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Microsoft Releases Exchange Emergency Mitigation Service

Microsoft suffered a series of attacks after cybercriminals started exploiting unpatched ProxyShell vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. Several state-sponsored attackers are still targeting organizations...

Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers Under ProxyShell Attack

While organizations are battling to boost their cybersecurity capabilities, cybercriminals continue to prey on security loopholes. Active exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities has become a...

Lemon Duck Botnet Quacks Again with New TTPs

It is a common practice for cybercriminal groups to slow down for a while or announce a shutdown of operations to only come back...

FBI Removes Malicious Web Shells from Microsoft Exchange Servers

The FBI executed a court-authorized operation to copy and delete malicious web shells from hundreds of vulnerable systems in the U.S. that were running...

REvil Ransomware Hits Acer; Threat Actors Demand $50 Million in Ransom

Computer manufacturer Acer is the latest victim of a ransomware attack. According to a report, the Taiwanese company has been hit by a REvil ransomware attack,...

After Hafnium, DearCry Ransomware Targets Microsoft Exchange Servers

The Microsoft Exchange attacks are taking new twists day by day. In just days, the threat escalated from limited state-sponsored attacks to numerous targeted...

State-sponsored Attackers Exploit Zero-day Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

Security experts from Volexity discovered state-sponsored hacking groups exploiting just patched critical Microsoft Exchange bugs from January 6, 2021. The technology giant recently addressed four...