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Heather Mills breathes sigh of vindication

After a decade long battle, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills and her sister Fiona Mills have won an apology and settlement from Rupert...

Bleckwen raises $10m in funding, appoints David Christie as CEO

Fraud detection & prevention provider Bleckwen announced it has raised $10 million first funding round. The funding will be used to support the company’s...

Yandex allegedly attacked by Western intelligence as part of cyber espionage

Russian search platform, Yandex, also a competitor of Google was hacked by Western intelligence, according to a report on Reuters.  The alleged hack occurred...

EU Cybersecurity Act gives more power to ENISA

The European Cybersecurity Act has been put to force. The European Union Agency for Network and Information and Security (ENISA) is the key governing...

FDA issues warning over security of Medtronic insulin pumps

Medical IoT device maker Medtronic has initiated for a recall for several units of its insulin pumps after it was discovered that the devices...

Cybersecurity firm unveils hacking campaign Operation Soft Cell

Security researchers from cybersecurity firm Cybereason recently exposed the findings of their investigation into a massive hacking campaign on several global telecommunication companies. Cybereason stated...

DDoS-for-hire websites make a comeback despite FBI crackdown: Nexusguard report

DDoS attacks “for hire” made a comeback in the beginning of the year, with booter-originated attacks rebounding to more than double their amounts in...

Hillary Clinton to deliver a keynote speech at cyber defense summit

Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is going to serve as a keynote speaker at the forthcoming  Cyber Defense Summit,...

With cloud expanding, users need umbrella the most

Security concerns will continue to be a problem for consumers and corporations. In one of its security predictions, Gartner stated that through 2020, 95...

Malware laden laptop sells at 1.3 million in art auction

Art and its aficionados have a special place in the human psyche. For some, it is the ultimate panacea, and for the others, it...