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Ready to have company’s source code examined: Kaspersky to US government

Following the draft of the new bill by the United States Senate that seeks ban on all Kaspersky Labs products from Department of Defense...
Steganography attack

How to Prevent Steganography Attacks

Cybercriminals are well-versed in shifting their hacking techniques and adapting new threat strategies to specific situations and opportunities. Threat actors often leverage various tactics...
Ubisoft data breach

Ubisoft Suffers Data Breach After Cyberattack

Ubisoft confirmed a data breach after sustaining a cyberattack. The French video game stated that unknown hackers compromised its IT infrastructure to steal gamers’...
Cryptocurrency Lazarus, North Korean TA406, Lazarus Group , Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Researchers Uncover North Korean Threat Actor Group TA406 Targeting Diplomats

Security researchers uncovered a cyberespionage campaign linked to North Korean actors, targeting foreign policy experts, journalists, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). According to a cyberthreat research...
Multiple Banks and Telecoms in Hungary Affected in a DDoS Attack

DDoS Attack on VoIP Provider Telnyx Impacts Global Telephony Services

Cybercriminals often leverage Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) techniques to disrupt critical services of global organizations. Days after a massive DDoS attack on multiple...
Cryptocurrency Lazarus, North Korean TA406, Lazarus Group , Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

North Korea’s Lazarus Group Targets IT Supply Chains with MATA Malware

Lazarus, a notorious advanced persistent threat (APT) group that needs no introduction in the cyberthreat landscape, strikes again with improved malware variants. The North...

BloodyStealer Steals Gamers’ Account Data to Sell on Dark Web Forums

Kaspersky researchers have discovered an advanced Trojan, called the BloodyStealer, sold on darknet forums and used to harvest gamers’ accounts across widely used gaming...
Phishing, phishing attacks

The Importance of Team Diversity in Detecting Phishing Scams

An email subject line catches a user’s interest. The user clicks through and gets compromised. This is a classic phishing attack; it remains one...

Attackers Use Fake FMWhatsapp to Spread Triada Trojan

From data privacy violations to fake applications, WhatsApp has been in the news for various reasons since the beginning of 2021. The popular instant...
types of ethical hackers

Different Types of Ethical Hackers: White, Black, and Grey Hats Explained

There are several types of ethical hackers depending on the hacker’s intent and goal. This article highlights the concepts of hacking and the different types of...