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Microsoft Finds New Activity from Russian Hacker Group Nobelium

Microsoft has identified the latest activity from Nobelium, the Russian nation-state actor behind the SolarWinds attack in 2020. Nobelium is trying to replicate the...
Brand Phishing Attacks

Microsoft is Attackers’ Favorite for Brand Phishing Attacks

Technology giant Microsoft continues to be the favorite brand of cybercriminals for phishing attacks. According to Check Point’s Brand Phishing Report for Q3 2021,...
microsoft, flaws in SonicWall SRA SMA

Microsoft Exposes Iran-linked APT Targeting U.S., Israeli Defense Tech Sectors

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre (MSTIC) observed DEV-0343, a new activity cluster, conducting extensive password spraying against more than 250 Office 365 tenants, with a...
Microsoft, Cyberattack on Olympus

Microsoft Releases Exchange Emergency Mitigation Service

Microsoft suffered a series of attacks after cybercriminals started exploiting unpatched ProxyShell vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. Several state-sponsored attackers are still targeting organizations...
common password of 2021,Password Protection, password spray attacks, Microsoft accounts passwords

Microsoft Account Passwords Might Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Almost every cyberattack report mentions user credentials and passwords being stolen and sold on dark web forums. Be it ransomware, malware or any phishing...
Microsoft September 2021 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft September 2021 Patch Tuesday: Mitigations and Workarounds

Microsoft released fixes for 60 security vulnerabilities in its latest September 2021 Patch Tuesday update. Out of 60 vulnerabilities, 56 were determined as important,...
CISA vulnerabilities, Zero-Day Attack, zero-day vulnerabilities, Apple

Hackers Target Microsoft Office Users in a New Zero-Day Attack

Researchers uncovered active exploitation of a zero-day remote code execution vulnerability in the main HTML component of the now-discontinued Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft warned...
Microsoft Power Apps

Misconfigured Microsoft Power Apps Inadvertently Exposed 38 Mn Sensitive Records

A configuration issue in Microsoft Power Apps resulted in a massive data breach, exposing the sensitive information of millions of users. An analysis from...
ProxyShell Vulnerabilities

Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers Under ProxyShell Attack

While organizations are battling to boost their cybersecurity capabilities, cybercriminals continue to prey on security loopholes. Active exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities has become a...
SolarWinds Microsoft

Chinese Hacking Group ‘DEV 0322’ Exploits SolarWinds Serv-U Software: Microsoft

The infamous SolarWinds attacks have left a severe impact on the cybersecurity landscape. While organizations are still recovering from its consequences, Microsoft recently warned...