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Global Cyber Security Summit

Global Cyber Security Summit

June 4, 2024
Event: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Global Cyber Security Series APAC will focus on emerging technologies and the global best practices that dominate the digital world. Focused on gathering a pre-qualified assembly of the top Cybersecurity professionals, Ministries, Authorities, Policy makers and thought leaders who wish to stay ahead of competition.

The summit will host more than 20+ speakers and attract over 100+ senior level decision makers to exchange ideas and discuss the pain points in the cyber space on various strategic and operational topics on cyber security legislation and regulation, critical infrastructure, prevention from cyber-attacks. The Asia Pacific region is dedicated to nurturing a knowledge-based economy to foster sustainable growth and prosperity among its citizens. This is accomplished through the adoption of automation, the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, and the establishment of a unified platform that not only yields economic advantages but also places a strong emphasis on advanced security measures. These efforts are designed to elevate the user experience, guarantee smooth interactions, protect sensitive data, and build trust among both customers and stakeholders. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and robust security protocols, businesses in the APAC are paving the path towards a prosperous future powered by technological advancements.

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