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1,44,496 cyber attacks in India in the last three years


India has fallen victim to a staggering 1,44,496 cyber attacks in last three years. The data was tabulated by the Indian Parliament. According to the CERT division of India, as many as 44,679 cyberattacks were reported in 2014. By 2015, the number reached 49,455, and by 2016, the numbers crossed the 50,000 mark.

Citing concerns over the upward trend, Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed several measures and steps taken by the government to avert any cyber incident. He also extended his support to strengthen surveillance and legal framework of the country as well as explored methods to deal with financial frauds. This comes at a time when the country is moving toward making the nation a cashless economy.

One of the steps by the government plans to adopt is deploying big data analysis developed by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for identifying the attackers. The move aims to prevent duplication of e-wallets, and keep the customers updated through SMS and email alerts.

The alert mechanism will include names of the beneficiaries “of any financial transaction wherever necessary for better traceability and cross-checking on the part of the victim, publishing online statistics depicting the specific incidents, frauds against of e-wallet companies and banks along with details including investigation to enable customers to make an informed choice before subscribing to e-wallet services are other initiatives being planned,” reads a PTI report.

To keep a tab on phone frauds, the government had recently constituted the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Phone Frauds (IMCPF). The home minister directed the department to analyze and study relevant regional case studies and also examine the issues in consultations with key stakeholders.