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Ransomware Operators Exploit 2 CVEs in VMWare ESXi

Ransomware gangs are evolving every day. The latest trend suggests that they are after the backup servers or machines that contain backed up data....

Fonix Ransomware Gang Locks Shop and Releases Master Decryption Key

Fonix ransomware, which notoriously seemed to be picking up in the last few months of 2020, has reportedly suspended operations and released a master...

Ransomware Attacks in 2020! These are 4 Most Affected Sectors

From a local food retailer to a multi-national company, ransomware attacks continue to loom over cyberspace. Ransomware operators target victims by encrypting their sensitive...

Egregor Ransomware Hits HR Agency Randstad

Popular staffing company Randstad has suffered a ransomware attack in which threat actors stole unencrypted files from its network. In an official release, the...

Delaware County to Pay $500,000 Ransom After Experiencing Cyber Disruptions

Delaware County in Pennslyvania is in the process of paying $500,000 to the ransomware operators who compromised its local government’s network system. In an...

Robinhood-like Ransomware Attacker Donates $20K to Charities

In a rather unexpected act, the operators of the Darkside ransomware group donated $20K from their ransom amount to two nonprofits charities. The threat...