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Ransomware Continues its Marathon to New Records: Report

Cybercriminals always aim high when targeting organizations and demanding ransom. The pandemic has given opportunistic hackers time to come up with innovative phishing attacks...

Rags to Riches! The Evolution of Ransomware Operators

Detecting and preventing ransomware attacks have become the primary goal for most organizations. The cybersecurity community across the globe is severely concerned about the...

Paying Ransom is the Primary Solution for 60% of Organizations: Study

Despite several notices and awareness programs, most organizations are still paying ransom for data decryption post a ransomware attack. Earlier, the FBI warned companies...

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Impact Digital and Security Transformation

A recent survey from CrowdStrike highlighted the continued spread of ransomware and the need for acceleration of both digital and security transformation. In its...

Paying Ransom is Now Illegal! U.S. Dept of Treasury Warns

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that paying ransom to cybercriminals is now illegal. In an official...