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Unleashing XDR to Transform Enterprise Threat Detection and Response

Have you ever wondered why during the outbreak of war, it’s not just one of the armed forces that’s deployed — Army, Navy, Air...

The Evolving Role of Endpoint Detection and Response

With the increase in myriad devices and its constant use in this connected world, cybersecurity is a major concern for both users and enterprises....

Trick-or-Treat? SEVEN Endpoint Security Touchpoints to Consider this Halloween

As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month ends on Halloween, it’s the perfect time to remember the stories of the haunted houses, gothic costumes, and scary...

VMware Adds New Edge to its SASE Capabilities

Legacy networking and security approaches lack the automation, cloud-scale, and intrinsic security needed to connect and protect apps, data, and users across a globally...

VMware Delivers Digital First Security Solutions for Securing the Remote Workforce

Experts had anticipated a pandemic-like situation for long, but what they never expected was the degree of impact it would have on human life...

Data Concealment: An Innovative Weapon for Every Defender’s Toolkit

Despite investments in security modernization and layered security controls, cyberattacks are consistently occurring - particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, as businesses operate with highly...