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Armanino appoints Terry O’Daniel as Director of Cybersecurity

United States-based accounting and business consulting firm, Armanino, has announced the appointment of Terry O’Daniel as the new director of cybersecurity. For the company,...

Four million customer records exposed in Time Warner data breach

BroadSoft, the software and service provider trusted with the safety of the customer records of Time Warner Cable, exposed millions of customer records online...

Black Sea incident: New frontier in cyberwarfare

Reports have emerged stating that Russia might be testing systems that can interfere with Global Positioning System (GPS) signals by overriding them with fake...

Russia behind February malware attack, says Italian foreign ministry

The Italian foreign ministry recently confirmed Russia’s involvement in the hacking attack on government’s field offices in February. The ministry said that the malware...

Cybercriminals using Steganography in their attacks: Researchers

Steganography, an ancient practice of hiding secret content and text messages inside non-suspicious messages, is being increasingly used by cybercriminals to attack the businesses...

Botched data backup in Sweden

In a massive botched data transfer, Sweden’s Transport Agency sent information about every vehicle in the country to marketers. The agency believed it was...