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Redline malware, Gummy Browsers attack

Redline Malware Campaign Reveals Risks of Saving Passwords in Browsers

Today’s browsers have an auto-login feature that saves passwords for frequently used online services. While saving passwords in browsers is convenient, it is not...
Ransomware Attacks, Graff ransomware attack

LockBit 2.0, Conti, BlackMatter and Hive Contribute to 60% of Ransomware Attacks

Despite constant cybersecurity awareness and law enforcement actions, ransomware operators continue to evolve their hacking techniques to deploy file-encrypting malware, causing damages to targeted...
106 million Thailand visitors

Personal Data of 106 Mn Visitors to Thailand Left Exposed Online

Thailand is one of the popular tourist destinations with a large number of visitors from across the world. While the country is looking forward...
Secret Terrorist Watchlist Leak, Aruba

Secret Terrorist Watchlist with 1.9 Mn Records Exposed Online

Sometimes, misconfigured servers and unsecured databases go unnoticed until security researchers report about them. Bob Diachenko, Head of Security Research at Comparitech, recently discovered...
BlackMatter ransomware

Rags to Riches! The Evolution of Ransomware Operators

Detecting and preventing ransomware attacks have become the primary goal for most organizations. The cybersecurity community across the globe is severely concerned about the...
106 million Thailand visitors

Another Case of Unprotected Database: 5 Bn Records from Previous Data Breaches Leaked

Unsecured databases are potential cyberthreats for organizations. Perpetrators often look for unprotected/misconfigured servers to infiltrate and compromise sensitive corporate data. A recent security research...
Healthcare Data Breaches, Premier Diagnostics data exposed

Unsecured Server Exposes PII of 50,000 Patients in Utah

A Utah-based COVID-19 testing service, Premier Diagnostics, accidentally exposed the personally identifiable information (PII) belonging to 50,000 patients through an unsecured server. The exposé...
Insider attacker leak data

Insider Threats: A Byproduct of the New Normal

Despite the continuous security improvements, the concern over insider threats seems to be growing for organizations globally. The new distributed working conditions have also...
Data breach in 100 U.S. cities

Microsoft’s Unsecured Bing Mobile App Exposes 6.5TB of Users’ Data

Microsoft’s Bing mobile app exposed users’ sensitive information through an unsecured Elastic server. According to researchers at WizCase, the misconfigured server leaked Bing’s mobile...
Zyxel Devices Vulnerable to Secret Backdoor

Digital Point’s Unsecured Database Exposed Records of Over 800,000 Users

An unprotected database belonging to a webmaster forum, Digital Point, exposed more than 800,000 users’ records. Security firm WebsitePlanet and security researcher Jeremiah Fowler...