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Special issue on Endpoint Security

Power List was created with a view to give companies that have established their foothold in the information security space, a podium for exposure where they will share the stage with other behemoths in the industry who, over the years, exhibited their prowess in cybersecurity through innovation and versatility.

Following the success of the first-ever edition of Power List, CISO MAG is proud to announce the second edition of the much-coveted Power List. This edition is going to be bigger and better. This time we have decided to address one of the biggest cybersecurity concerns and threat vectors within an organization—endpoint.

It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of all breaches still originate at endpoints. This is despite the increased IT spending on this threat surface. In fact, nearly 24 percent of all IT security spending is toward endpoint security tools. By 2020 the global IT security spending is poised to $128 billion and security of endpoint will take a huge slice from this cake.

For the second edition of the Power List, we will identify the top brands in endpoint security and will be telling the stories of companies who have been strived to secure every endpoint connecting to a network, blocking unwarranted access and screening hazardous activities at all points of entry. This Power List is dedicated to those guardians of endpoint security. Tell us your story and be a part of the list of best brands for endpoint security. We are all ears, again!

Endpoint Security brands to watch out for: