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Edgewise Networks secures $11 million

Startup funding

Edgewise Networks, a micro segmentation platform services provider, recently announced that it has raised $11 million in a new funding round led by existing investors 406 Ventures, Accomplice, and Pillar. The new funds will support the company’s R&D and expand market activities to meet the demand for its innovative approach to deploying Edgewise’s Zero Trust Auto-Segmentation.

Founded in 2016, Edgewise helps organizations eliminate the problems of data breach and application compromise against critical business applications. Edgewise claims that its security solutions use machine learning and advanced analytics for discovering potential risks.

Describing the company’s portfolio, Peter Smith, the CEO and founder of Edgewise, said the Micro segmentation can secure applications, hosts, and even individual databases on the network and restrict communication into and out of these “secure zones.” But most means of doing so rely on IP addresses, ports, and VLANs. Today’s networks—especially cloud and containers— are dynamic. Therefore, using only ephemeral, network-based information to make secure access decisions is highly risky and unreliable as instances spin up and down and as new applications are continuously deployed. Plus, traditional methods of micro segmenting a network can take months, even years, cost millions of dollars, and is a policy management nightmare throughout the deployment. We thought there had to be a better way.

“Our innovative, patented approach makes micro segmentation—one of the hardest problems in cybersecurity— incredibly simple to implement. With Edgewise, companies can operate their applications in hybrid cloud and container environments with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected. This strong support from our investors will enable us to expand to meet the demand for automated micro segmentation,” Smith added.