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Southeast Asia houses 9000 infected servers

Data breach in 100 U.S. cities

The cybercrime wing of the Interpol has revealed that seven southeast Asian nations have nearly 9000 malware-laden servers. Apart from these, the Interpol also noted that the nations also house hundreds of compromised websites.

The types of malwares in these nation are capable of spreading ransomware, target fintech organizations, launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, and even distributes spams.

“This operation helped participants identify and address various types of cybercrime which had not previously been tackled in their countries,” said Francis Chan, head of the Hong Kong Police Force’s cybercrime unit and chairman of Interpol’s Eurasian cybercrime working group while talking to Reuters.

The international police body has also roped in experts from seven private firms for the operation run from the Singaporean Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI). Comment about DDoS attacks it saidm that it has been among the most common methods of hacks on the internet. It makes use of hijacked and infected systems to target websites overloading them with requests until the website is overwhelmed and can no longer cope with the amount of traffic inflow.

The IGCI identified nearly 300 websites infected with numerous virus and malware codes. And many of these were government websites that had personal data of the citizens.

The drill was majorly due to a breach earlier this year where the Singapore’s Ministry of Defense was compromised, leaking the personal details of almost 900 national servicemen and staff. The defense ministry called it a ‘targeted and carefully planned attack’.