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battle of galaxy game

Level-Up! Five Security Precautions for Online Gamers

The Internet is not fair. From harmful scam emails to cybercriminals trying to break into your systems, the online space is full of uncertainty....
Penetration Testing, continuous testing, security testing

6 Steps to Boost your Online Security

The year 2020 is certainly considered as the year of change. The pandemic has changed/impacted every facet of life — from the way we...
In tandem with technology and deployment, the growth of end-user devices also created multiple attack vectors for cybercriminals in endpoint security. The demand for advanced endpoint security solutions has increased with end-user devices.

These are the Common Attack Vectors in Endpoint Security

With remote work becoming the new normal, organizations globally are getting usual to connect and secure their remote employees virtually. The demand for advanced...

Protect the Connected! Will IoT Ever be 100% Secure?

The National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) for the U.S., which started on October 1, continues to raise awareness on the significance of cybersecurity in...
Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Shopping Online

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Shopping Online

E-commerce has reshaped the shopping habits of consumers. From the convenience of buying at one’s fingertips to the endless discounted deals, online stores have...
COVID-19 Cyberthreats

Cybersecurity in Times of a Pandemic [INFOGRAPHIC]

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global health, the economy, and social systems. From emptying office spaces to dispersing the workforce, corporates have yet ensured...
GDPR fines in 2020

Four Biggest GDPR Fines of 2020

Marriott International encountered a London class action from millions of its former guests claiming compensation after their personal information was compromised in a massive...
ONUS Log4j, Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

How to Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Wallet from Digital Exploits

Recently, the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose to more than $12,000 in trading value, which is its highest level since August 2019. The price swings...
Mobile Apps Security, mobile apps

Fake or Real? How to Spot Malicious or Fake Apps

Software applications are no more limited to smartphones; the app ecosystem has expanded from mobiles to watches, laptops, and television. Whether it is Google...
KCodes NetUSB, FragAttacks on Wi-Fi connected devices

How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi router has become the most important gadget in every household as most employees are currently working from home. Remote workers require endpoint...