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PSTI IoT Bill, Common IoT Attacks

3 Common IoT Attacks that Compromise Security

The explosion of IoT technologies incited users and organizations to swiftly adopt IoT devices to enhance process control and boost productivity. The rise of...
Steganography attack

How to Prevent Steganography Attacks

Cybercriminals are well-versed in shifting their hacking techniques and adapting new threat strategies to specific situations and opportunities. Threat actors often leverage various tactics...

How Brainjacking Became a New Cybersecurity Risk in Health Care

In the present connected world, wireless IoT devices make human lives smarter and more vulnerable to security risks than ever. Almost every connected device...
Malicious QR Codes

How Cybercriminals Exploit QR Codes to Their Advantage

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic change in consumer technology across the globe. Quick-Response (QR code) technology was...
SIM Swapping

FBI Issues a Lookout for SIM Swapping Attacks

FBI stated that cybercriminals are leveraging SIM swapping attacks to steal millions from U.S. citizens. The agency recently disclosed the increase in SIM swapping...
Cybercriminal Group Names

Smart or Stupid? Cybercriminal Group Names Decoded!

It’s known that cybercriminals always try to advance their hacking skills and change attack strategies to evade security deductions. Apart from hiding their identity,...
Microsoft 2022 flaw, Cybersecurity interest, Personnel Security Program

How to Update Web Browsers for Secure Browsing

With cybercriminals looking for innovative techniques to target vulnerable systems in the evolving digital space, securing web browsers have become more critical than ever. Outdated...
Data Privacy Week 2022

What the Cybersecurity Leaders Are Saying About Data Privacy

Security intrusions and data breaches continue to be severe concerns for organizations and users’ data privacy. Despite constant cybersecurity awareness campaigns, several people still...
DNS attacks

What is DNS Tunneling and How is it Prevented?

Hacker intrusions on organizations’ Domain Name Systems (DNS) have become prevalent in recent times. According to the 2021 Global DNS Threat Report from network security automation...
Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week: The 3 Ps Vital to Enhancing Your Online Data Privacy

With cybersecurity awareness being a primary topic for security leaders, Data Privacy Week (January 24-28) is a good time to reflect on the importance of data...