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Israel’s Radware to acquire Indian-based startup ShieldSquare

Radware, a cybersecurity and application delivery solutions provider, recently announced that it’s going to acquire India-based bot management solutions provider ShieldSquare. The Israel-based company...
Abhinav Biswas

“No silver bullet to effectively mitigate emergent IoT threats”

Abhinav Biswas, the Alt. CISO for Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Dept. of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, has a wide range of agile...
Edureka data breach

Evolving from Human- to Machine-scale in Cybersecurity

Contributed by Ashley Fidler, Vice President of Product, Versive The cloud. Big data. BYOD. In this era where human-scale has given way to machine-scale, today’s cybersecurity...
Cybersecurity Training

Keep your employees interested in cybersecurity awareness training with these tips

By Center for Internet Security As organizations work to make internal company processes and personnel more secure it’s worth asking, “Are we doing enough?” Rehashing...
Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

This won’t hurt for long, but it’s for your own good

Contributed by Chris Roberts, Chief Security Architect, Acalvio Technologies “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes...

Fintech: Rooted in the Past, Borrowed from the Future

New innovations in financial technology tend to be discussed as if the financial industry is only now being impacted by technological innovation. The fact...

British Telecom develops patent to protect Blockchain

On October 31, 2017, the United Kingdom’s largest internet and telecoms provider British Telecom secured the patent for a proposed cybersecurity measure to protect...

Fact-checker site Verrit hacked hours after Clinton’s endorsement

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has never shied away from stirring up controversies. While social and mainstream media is abuzz...
Julian Assange, Julian Assange indictment

OurMine group hacks WikiLeaks to answer “Hack Us” challenge

The anonymous hacking group OurMine recently hacked WikiLeaks, the data-leaking site owned by Julian Assange. The users of the website were redirected to a...
Businesses in U.K. Become More Resilient to Cyberattacks: Report

UK infrastructure not meeting basic cybersecurity standards, survey reveals

Corero Network Security, a company that provides DDoS & Network Security Solutions, recently sent Freedom of Information requests to a number of United Kingdom...