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Israeli hacking firm’s founders to launch ‘Orchestra’ in 2018

Candiru DevilsTongue

In an order to identify simpler ways of securing networks, Israeli hacking firm’s founders are reportedly moving to set up a new business to defend computer systems against cyber attacks. The new company will be known as Orchestra

Omri Lavie, a co-founder of cyber surveillance firm NSO Group, and investment partner Issac Zack, told the Reuters Cyber Summit that they would fund a new cybersecurity company that will look to derive simpler ways of defending a network.

In a joint interview to Reuters, Lavie and Zack said that the Founders Group has invested around $30 million over four to five years, using mostly the partners’ own money, in mostly seed or early-stage funding rounds for a mix of cyber security, Fintech and other start-ups.

“We are going to be developing ourselves a lot of the platform. We are also going to be merging a lot of technologies we currently own a part of or intend to own a part of,” Lavie said.

The chief executive of Orchestra will be Omri Lavie and the new firm will be launched in early 2018, subject to the closing of a new funding round. The firm will have offices including in Tel Aviv and in the eastern United States.

Orchestra will enter a market as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, which aggregate data from across computer networks to allow an organization’s security staff to keep tabs on their users, devices and systems.