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Emerson launches new cybersecurity lab in India

Industrial Cybersecurity

The technology and engineering company Emerson recently announced the launch of its new cybersecurity lab in Pune, a city in India. The new center, which is located at Emerson’s Innovation Center, employs 900 people and works on future innovations and cybersecurity training for security professionals.

Emerson stated the new facility will help manufacturers adopt digital transformation strategies by protecting their plant operations, networks systems, and data resources, the Economic Times reported.

The facility, which is a part of Emerson’s global cybersecurity network, will focus on defining security requirements, designing threat models, maintaining security practices and simulating cyber-attacks in industrial environments to prevent potential threats.

“Cybersecurity is frequently cited by customers as a top consideration for Industrial Internet of Things adoption,” said Lal Karsanbhai, executive president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “Emerson’s investment in a broad portfolio of technologies and services is helping global leaders accelerate their digital transformation with confidence.”

“This new center further extends our leadership in industrial transformation and enhances our ability to collaborate with customers on the critical element of cybersecurity as they adopt the latest digital technologies to optimize performance,” Karsanbhai added.

According to a recent survey by network and endpoint security firm Sophos, less than 10 percent of Indian IT managers are confident that they have skilled cybersecurity talent to thwart a cyber-attack. The survey titled, ‘The Impossible Puzzle of Cybersecurity’, points out that IT teams only about a third of their time to manage security, but most of them takes a punch due to lack of experts, budget and technology.

Among the surveyed, nearly 81 percent felt that the cybersecurity budget of their organization is way below what is required, with 89 percent stating that they find it very difficult to keep up with the challenges that are thrown at them.

The study surveyed over 3,100 IT decision makers from several small and medium sized industries in India, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa and the United States and was conducted between December 2018 and January 2019.