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Cybersecurity Startup Cyware Secures US$ 3 Million


Threat intelligence and cyber fusion product-based security startup Cyware Labs, recently raised US$ 3 million in a seed funding round led by Emerald Development Managers. The New-York based startup stated the new funding will support its research and product development, accelerate sales and marketing activities, and expand its global reach.

Headquartered in the U.S.,Cyware offers a full-stack of innovative cyber solutions for all-source strategic and tactical threat intelligence sharing, cyber fusion, and orchestrated threat response. Cyware claims that its enterprise solutions enable organizations to develop proactive cyber defense capabilities, operational threat intelligence, and quickly respond to and manage security threats in real-time.

“Threat response solutions have traditionally focused on the attack at hand, without giving much thought to other key aspects of threat information available that would allow an organization to turn an attack on its head. The barometer of responding to attacks has changed and focusing on attacker’s tactics, malware, and vulnerabilities is equally critical,” said Cyware Labs CEO and Co-Founder, Anuj Goel. He further added, “Knowledge is power, and our enterprise product line has successfully broken down the barriers in automated threat intelligence sharing and threat response to promote a proactive, collaborative response to cyber-attacks.”

Charles Collins, Managing Director at Emerald Development Managers, adds, “We support innovative cybersecurity companies that are taking a new lens to problems currently baffling the industry. The work Cyware is doing to revolutionize current threat response practices is pivotal, and we are excited to join them on their mission to bolster threat intelligence sharing, cyber fusion and orchestrated a response.”