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60% of companies do not think Budget is a constraint for Cloud Migration: CISO MAG report

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About 40 percent of companies still think budget is a constraint while selecting a cloud vendor for migration. The majority of companies surveyed (60 percent) do not think budget is holding them back from cloud migration. Ease of ensuring patching, certification, and security compliance is the second most prominent requirement. These are some of the findings of a survey and research report published by CISO MAG and included in the August 2019 issue, titled ‘Cloud Security Power List’. The issue is available as a free download.

The research report includes findings on Cloud Migration Trends and strategies adopted by companies for cloud migration vendor selection. It also delves into various security challenges and threat vectors faced by companies.

Apart from the cloud security survey, readers can find more security insights in the stories produced in the issue.

The issue begins with the Knowledge Hub, which details the steps companies must take when embarking on a cloud journey. The article speaks at length about the different models that exist as well as choosing the one that is right for your organization.

In the View Point section, there’s a story about cloud security in the new age era and precautions companies must take in securing their infrastructure–with a focus on the Middle East market.

The Insight section has commentary about cloud bursting and hybrid cloud adoption. The article details the challenges around securing hybrid cloud and the zero-trust model many companies are adopting to ensure cloud security.

Under the spotlight (the interview section) features Rasheed Alodah, Managing Director, Trend Micro, Saudi Arabia. He speaks in detail about his journey, the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, the market strategy Trend Micro has adopted to stay on top of the game, and the threats in the cloud security space.

Through the ensuing articles on the Power List, the CISO MAG editors listed the powerhouses in the space of cloud security that have, through the years, been at the forefront of innovation and technology. These include companies like Symantec, Akamai, Fortinet, and Cisco.

Trend Micro, Safe T, Oblique Drive, and Dark Trace are also on the Power List and they outline their commitment toward better cloud security.

The August 2019 issue is dedicated to the stories surrounding these companies that have been on the frontlines of cloud generally, and cloud security specifically.

Download a copy of the issue and the report here: https://cisomag.com/power-list/