Adoption of cloud technologies is more than ever before. With the cloud, security in the space has also taken precedence. Organizations are aware of cloud threats and are trying to make their policies and regulations around it. With cloud security taking a center stage and companies exploring threats in the realm, we at CISO MAG will be bringing out the first edition of Power List, a holistic publication that will explore and elucidate best practices that need to be established as well as threats emerging from the space.

We are giving companies that have established their foothold in the space, a podium for exposure. These companies will be sharing the stage with other behemoths who have, over the years, exhibited their prowess in cloud security through innovation and versatility. We at CISO MAG are all ears to your stories so that you be a part of the legion of the biggest names in the world of cloud computing and security. We believe there is nothing greater than a good story. Tell us yours.

Cloud Security brands to watch out for: